Top To Bottom House Cleaning In Hampden, Maine

Northeast Softwash set out to restore the splendor of a breathtaking home that seemed to have lost its luster over time. This home was looking to get the top to bottom treatment which included a house washing, roof wash and gutter cleaning. We arrived and were greeted by a stunning two-story house nestled amidst a lush, colorful landscape. The home's grandeur was evident, even though a layer of grime and dirt had dulled its natural beauty.

Carefully, we set up our soft wash equipment, ensuring that every safety precaution was in place to not damage any of the landscaping. Soft washing was their preferred method, as it effectively cleansed the surfaces without causing any damage to the delicate features of the home.

As the soft wash process began, we expertly applied their eco-friendly cleaning solutions, which gently lifted away years of accumulated dirt, mildew, and algae. Gradually, the true colors of the house emerged right before our eyes. The stone regained its natural warmth, and the siding glowed with its original charm.

Jordan and his crew worked with utmost precision, paying close attention to every detail, from the ornate window frames to the intricate wooden trim. Their dedication to perfection was evident as they meticulously cleaned every nook and cranny, ensuring that the home's character was fully revealed.

The highlight of the restoration was the roof washing. The asphalt shingles had aged gracefully but were obscured by a layer of grime and moss. Tom delicately moved across the roof, treating each shingle with care. With the soft wash technique, he skillfully revitalized the roof, unveiling its stunning reddish-brown hue.

By the time the sun began its descent, the house looked as if it had been transported back in time to its original glory. The once dull and tired home in Hampden, Maine now radiated with a renewed vibrancy that seemed to match the surrounding landscape's natural splendor.

The homeowners was overwhelmed with joy when he saw his home's transformation. He expressed their gratitude, knowing that their craftsmanship had not only revitalized their house but also breathed new life into their pride and joy.

The Hampden home, once hidden beneath layers of grime, now stood as a testament to their expertise and passion for restoration. And so, another house wash and roof washing job concluded, leaving behind a beautifully restored home and a grateful community in Hampden, Maine.

Location: Hampden, ME

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