House Wash In Hampden, ME

Recently, our pressure washing professionals at Northeast Softwash had the pleasure of working on a raised ranch home in Hampden, Maine. The homeowners were looking to improve their property's curb appeal, and we were happy to oblige. After assessing the condition of the home's exterior, we recommended a thorough house wash to remove dirt, grime, and other debris that had accumulated over time.

We used high-quality cleaning solutions and equipment to safely and effectively clean the home's siding, windows, and other exterior surfaces. We took extra care to protect the landscaping and other features of the property during the cleaning process, ensuring that there was no damage or disruption to the home or its surroundings.

The result was a beautifully cleaned home that looked like new! The homeowners were thrilled with the results and couldn't believe how much of a difference a simple house wash could make. Not only did their property look better, but they also felt better about their investment in their home and its maintenance.

  • Service: House Wash
  • Location: Hampden, ME
  • Budget: $540

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