House Washing In Bangor, ME

Recently, I completed a pressure washing job on a beautiful house nestled in a quiet neighborhood in Bangor. Over time, dirt, grime, and moss had accumulated on the siding and deck which had taken away from the house's natural beauty.

To begin the job, I set up my pressure washer and inspected the house to assess the areas that needed the most attention. After identifying the spots, I started cleaning the siding first. Using the right nozzle and pressure, I carefully washed away the dirt and grime from the siding, revealing the original color and texture. After cleaning the siding, I moved onto the deck and the driveway.

The deck was heavily stained, and the driveway had deep-set oil stains. With the appropriate nozzle and pressure setting, I washed away the stains, leaving the house looking brand new. The customer was thrilled with the results, and I felt a sense of satisfaction that I had been able to restore the beauty of their home.

After completing the job, I made sure to clean up any debris that had been left behind, ensuring that the house looked perfect. I also took the time to inspect the house once again, ensuring that all areas had been properly cleaned.

In the end, the house looked completely different from when I had arrived. The vinyl exterior was restored to its natural beauty and the customer was delighted. It was a great feeling knowing that I had provided a valuable service and that the customer was happy with the results.

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